Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Activity on "The Pagan Heretic", Twitter, Blogging, Chatting, and more!

A Message to members/Potential members:


I have been busy trying to relaunch the site,

Writing blog entries on

Relauching twitter and putting the twitter gnomes to work tweeting follow us @ThePaganHeretic

I have tried to repost on our Facebook page. "Like" us at

I also added the site to the free listings on the "Witches Voice" Website

And what I am personally exicted about is I added an IRC chat so people can come and talk in real time on any subject that intrests them. Apparently webs only allows free sites to have 10 pages now. Luckily I got grandfathered in with more then that, but if I want to add more pages or a different page I have to delete my existing ones down to less then 10. I don't want to do that, so I added the chat to the About Us/Contact page. It is now the About/Contact Us/Chat Page.

I have done just about everything that I can to utilyze free word of mouth advertising, this is just a hobby of mine abeit a serious one, I dont have 1000s of dollars to sink into advertising. And Id really like us to take off. It is up to you MEMBERS! to get excited and post and participate and tell your friends about us, and the public may see we are an active community and want to join and be a part of it!

If anyone is still interrested and has ideas on how to get us more web presence and more active participation. Please let me know.

Be Blessed!

Paul "The Pagan Heretic" (Site Owner/Moderator)

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